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Puk Tours New Years 2020

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Puk Tours 2019

Central America

July 1st - 22nd

Central to South America

July 28th - Aug 18th


It’s time you take travel to the next level!

Are you ready for your wildest  adventure yet!?


Central America is calling you! Step outside your comfort zone as we travel through five countries in a three week tour. 21 nights with us leading the charge, how good! 

The Puk Tour package includes all transport and accommodation (excluding the flight to and from Central America), you have nothing to plan or worry about other than deciding what adventures to get involved with each day. From swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean ocean to running wild in the rainforests, the ancient ruins to the jungle, with the most amazing scenery along the way.
Let’s not forget the best part - the party!

Puk Tours is leading the party in five different countries, promising the wildest of times! Here’s your chance to chalk up some of your best memories to date. No chance of a hangover on this tour, too much to enjoy.

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Is a Puk Tour for you?

A wild party adventure through Central America that will blow your mind. You’d have to be a square if this tour wasn’t for you! 

Budget friendly travel that suits like minded party people that also love putting their feet up. Let the madness begin.


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Easy, clean party hostels, private transport and loads of optional daily adventures to choose from.


Physical pain?

Apart from the agony of lifting your beverage to your mouth each night to quench your thirst, most daily tours available to you consist of swimming, hiking, rafting and exploring.


Tour Type?

Maximum 10 people per group for the best travel experience.


What’s up, my name is Timmy Mullins, you may also know me as Puk.

I own and operate Puk Tours!

Come party with me, get involved